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1 on 1 Coaching

You're tired. Sometimes it's hard to think straight let alone try to figure out what you need or want to
feel like yourself again. 

You want to feel good, have energy, and

be the mom you have always envisioned. 

We understand.


You don't have to do this alone.

What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

  • Help you focus on your core values and illuminate key pieces of your life that matter most to you in this moment. Many things matter, but three core values will surface because they "speak to you" for reasons that may even be unclear to you until explored. 

  • Help you assess your situation and allow you to see what changes need to be made so that your life becomes more abundant and fulfilling in ways you need or want right now.

  • Expose areas in your life that need emphasis in ways that make a difference to you and your overall well being and health.

  • Help you organize your thoughts and actions in a way that provides great clarity and a path to the change you want for yourself. 

  • Help you get specific on the details of what you want, how you envision yourself and your life, and how to manifest it. 

  • Help you strategize and then determine the action plan that emphasizes what you discovered during The LifePulse Process. 

  • Help you strategize and choose the most productive ways to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Teach you the seven principles of success that top achievers subscribe to when pursuing a meaningful goal. ​

  • Help you achieve better moods, more energy, higher self-esteem and confidence, better relationships, less angst, more patience, and more ease moving through life, especially as a mom.

Find Your Joy

Two Approaches,

One Objective

Motherhood is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, transitional periods of a woman's life, so it should come as no surprise that bouts of overwhelm can occur, even for the most secure, mature, grounded, and prepared women. Overwhelm can take many forms and manifest in different ways. But in the context of motherhood, a few things remain pretty consistent. 


For instance, every woman will experience change as she takes a step away from her former life and toward her new life, a life with new routines, priorities, responsibilities, challenges, companions, expectations, and timetables.  Every woman will perceive those changes through her unique conscious and unconscious processing of information given her age, culture, former experiences, education, socioeconomic status, etc. Likewise, every woman ascribes a certain amount of value to the people, places, and things in her life. What we all tend to forget is that people also ascribe value to ideas, events, images, beliefs, roles, personality traits, and even abstract concepts, such as one's "sense of self." 


All this being true, I made the leap to conclude that if we value something, we develop an emotional attachment to it. If we give little value to something, we will not form a strong emotional attachment, and therefore not really miss it should we lose it. However, if we ascribe lots of value to something, we will form a strong emotional attachment to it, and we will absolutely miss it if we perceive it as deteriorating, changing in ways we don't want, or lost. That is, we will experience symptoms related to grief. Grieving is a response to loss. 

So, I approach all mothers, and this space, with a basic framework in mind. A framework that considers all emotional attachments (to people, things, beliefs, concepts, images, personal attributes, etc.) as similar in the context of what most people value.  We become emotionally attached to what we value. So it stands to reason that If we develop emotional attachments to all things that contribute to our sense of self (i.e., all that we value), then we are likely to experience distress when our sense of self feels threatened; for moms, this threat may come from lack of self-care due to the abundant workload, responsibilities, and obligations typically associated with motherhood. Therefore, my biggest objective is to help moms safeguard, and strengthen, their sense of self so that they can avoid (minimize or eliminate) overwhelm, anxiety, depression and other symptoms related to Maternal Intrapersonal Anxiety (MIA); a term I coined to reflect the often unrecognized, unacknowledged grief that can manifest when a woman feels like she's losing her sense of self. 


I'm honored to be here, to be a listener and a guide, and to help you stay present, grounded in your most authentic self and able to experience motherhood the way you envisioned it. 


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​Growing up with two parents with psychology backgrounds, it's no wonder that I absorbed lots of information over the years and conditioned my mind into thinking certain ways. Over the years, my interest in self-development and human behavior grew exponentially. At the age of 13, I attended my first Tony Robbins event, which catapulted my own-personal self-growth. Since then, I have attended over 8 mindset-development events, read over 30 personal growth books, and was offered a promotion 7 times within my 3 & ½ year career span with my previous employer. To put it simply, I'm obsessed with self-development. That is why, when my mom came to me and asked if I would be interested in being her partner on a business that was deeply devoted to "reclaiming" the woman now known as “mom,” I jumped at the opportunity. Three months later, I quit my job and uprooted my life to be closer to my mom and go all in on this. Might I add, it was completely, unbelievably worth it. The more I learn about the changes a mom goes through and the selflessness that she embodies, I'm truly speechless and in awe of you amazing human beings. So with that said, I want to give you any and all the information I have gained over these years (and the information I continue to acquire) into bite-sized pieces because you already have so much on your plate. I want you to feel great despite the workload. I want you to feel personally fulfilled and able to show up in your own life exactly how you want to show up, for yourself, and for your family.


You work really hard every day and tend to be generous to a fault, full of good intentions, and often falling short of your own self-imposed expectations (or so you think). You don't always think you know what you're doing, but you get up every morning and do it anyway .... because that's what a mom does. You take care of things, especially those you love.

Unfortunately, you don't always apply the same care to yourself. You often forget to nurture yourself in ways that can keep you healthy, stable, and happy at your core. And more often than not, you forget to "fill your well" or remind yourself  that "mom" is only one piece of your greater whole self.   You do have your own needs, wants, interests, goals, and ambitions.

Please, ask yourself these questions.

~ Do you rarely get out with just your friends, your spouse, or by yourself?

~ Do you find that you're prone to negative thinking about yourself or motherhood?

~ Is your life void of things that used to make you happy or things you used to love doing?

~ Do you find yourself getting irritated often by small things that your children or spouse do?

~ Do you cry more than usual, or find yourself wanting to drink or use other mood altering substances?

~ Do you feel like everyone - and their needs - come before you and your needs and you resent it?

~ Do you feel that you don't have the time, energy or support to do many of the things that are important to you personally?

~ Do you feel invisible as though the "real" you is not showing up, not noticed, or pushed aside for "more important things"?

Do you find yourself asking, "What happened to me?"

Talk with us, today.

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