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Course Comparison

Helping You Bare the Woman Buried Under Change, Chores, and Children

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Mom's Guided Journal

You're More Than Mom

the paradigm shifts you need when doing, having, or being more is a must

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Both courses offer...

Unlimited Access
(because we understand a mom's schedule)


Step by step format
(making it ease to follow and see progress)


Online Worksheets
(they'll be easier to find!)

New Verbiage
(making it easier for you to express what you may be experiencing)

Short intro video for each lesson
(because this makes learning more fun, right?)


Ageless Strategies
(because there will likely be challenges to your sense of self throughout your journey)

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Mom's Guided Journal

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You're More Than Mom

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Over 50 questions and exercises:
to explore the changes you experienced 

Pointed prompts and exercises:

to identify your core values

Putting together your answers:
to create a goal that reflects a significant core value

15 videos under 15 minutes

Cheat sheets to reference
post course

A path forward and toward a version of you that aligns with the core values you ascribe as most meaningful in your life right now

More energy, more confidence, more joy, more you in every day

The underlying dynamics of transition, revisited. Content includes perception of change and what we value

A close look at self-talk, conflicting feelings, boundaries, and the parallels between classic grief and symptoms mothers describe

The concept of shifting identities, debunked. Content includes a look at roles we play vs. our identity

A close look at how meaning shapes our experience and sense of identity and how to reshape what matters

The personal storyline you lost,

revisited. Content includes a look at how you lost your own storyline and how to make a new one for yourself

A close look at how motherhood can change or interrupt one's personal journey and create the angst moms feel

An exact sequence of steps to help moms identify and connect to that defining and essential piece of themselves that may be lacking, neglected, overlooked, denied, undiscovered, or unrealized for too long 

1st Paradigm Shift:


2nd Paradigm Shift:


3rd Paradigm Shift :


The LifePulse Process:

Step by step

Are you waiting for that pivotal moment when things change --- for the better?

When life seems easier with kids and routines take form, you don’t seem as overwhelmed, irritable, unhappy and confused by all your feelings?  That MAGICAL moment when you begin to start feeling like yourself again, doing things that YOU like to do, the things that matter to YOU?

I know. I’ve been there, waiting. Living in the struggle, living on autopilot, feeling like I was “surviving” my days home with three kids, consumed by all their needs, routines, and activities. I remember it well. I also remember my pivotal moment. I can’t tell you exactly what day it was BUT I do remember the feeling I had. And all I can say is....

Make this moment, the moment!

Bonus list of core values with definitions

Bonus vision board building session

Bonus private community: Facebook group with moms who want to share experiences and support each other 

8 lessons, dozens of exercises, videos, and worksheets to help you "figure it out"

A deep dive into your core values with over 120 core values to choose from and prioritize, systematically

Coming soon

For a detailed course outline


Did you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wonder who that was staring back at you?

It's a sad feeling and why I probably cried alone at night when everyone was sleeping or why I escaped in late night TV so I could avoid thinking about why I was unhappy in a role that brought me so much joy. I was confused. I was struggling. I was sad. I was in a Catch 22. I loved my children, I loved being a mom, AND I missed being Anne, I missed being the woman I was apart from mom. I adored my children. Everyone knew that. I carried them as often as my body would allow just so I could be close to them and kiss those little faces over and over again. And, I could also feel an angst growing inside of me. I was unhappy. But why?  It took me a long time to figure it out, far longer than I would ever want you to try and figure it out. That's why I kept all my notes, conducted so many focus groups, and researched the topics that helped me find myself and create the life I really wanted.

Now I want to share with you what I've learned over the years, the shifts in perspective that made all the difference in the world....
for me.... and my family.


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