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It's the changes that moms never expect that can leave them feeling overwhelmed, confused, unhappy, and lost. 

When needing more is a must.

Motherhood changes everything.

Not sure?

You're not alone.

So many changes. Some might be in your career trajectory, health, appearance, lifestyle, mood, or income. Others in your relationships, personal goals, or self-esteem.  

It can be A LOT to handle.

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That's why it takes a village. 

Not everyone understands this journey of transition and change.  Moms do. We do. 
The journey is full of changes at every corner and is ongoing, affecting different areas of your life at different times of your life. This can be overwhelming, especially when it
taps into and affects you at your core, the "heart" of who you are apart from mom. 

Mental health matters most


How are you?

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Anxiously Expecting

Feeling anxious about how things will change once you step into motherhood? 

Adjusting to Change

Feeling overwhelmed and needing to process the changes you didn't expect?

Struggling with Identity

Feeling lost and confused by conflicting feelings of loving your baby but missing yourself? 

Rediscovering Yourself

Feeling like you need more in your life right now, more of you in your daily life?

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Let us.

How do we help?




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Online Courses

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"First Step" Course

Mom's Guided Journal

Helping You Bare the Woman Buried Under Change, Chores, and Children

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Has your life changed more than you thought it would since having a baby?

Do you want to feel more like yourself again?

Are you struggling with conflicting feelings in your motherhood experience? 

Are you ready to process the changes and start moving in the direction you want your life to go? 

Do you need guidance in asking the right questions?

Take a sneak peak!

Deep Dive Course

You're More Than Mom

the paradigm shifts you need when doing, having, or being more is a must

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Do you secretly wish someone could reach into your life and pull you out?

Do you find yourself caught between  your pre and postpartum identities?

Do you want to reprogram your mind and your life to reflect the woman you are apart from mom?

Do you feel conflicted with loving your child/ren, and missing yourself? 

Do  you want more for yourself  but don't know what more looks like or how to get it? 

1 on 1         coaching

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Imagine looking in the mirror, recognizing yourself, and thinking "Wow, I feel great." 

Imagine living a life that feels right, a life that includes you and how you want to show up to others and yourself while pursuing your own ambitions.


Imagine an easy step by step process that's fun, fast, effective.... and affordable!

As a mom, the focus is rarely, if ever, on you. We want to change that, and we know where to start. It's time to take care of you. You are more than mom.  and we get it.  


1 hour per week


2 coaches


3 paradigm shifts


4 week program




MSW, NLP Certified Coach, Author, Experienced Mom

Mindset Coach, Unique Perspective, Daughter


by Anne Smollon, MSW

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Becoming Mom:

Seven Ways to Keep Your Sense of Self as You Engage the Role of a Lifetime

Prepare for the journey ahead with strategies that help new moms hurdle some of the biggest challenges in the early years of motherhood.  

Missing In Action:

How Mothers Lose, Grieve, and Retrieve Their Sense of Self

Learn about Maternal Intrapersonal Anxiety (MIA), coined to give language to feelings of uncertainty as women cope with a shifting identity. 

Endorsed by 

Bestselling author & psychoanalysis researcher Judith Viorst, and others

Johnson & Johnson, Inc.

Start your journey today

Let's Do This!

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