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You deserve an identity outside of "mom".

We provide moms a path to discovering and pursing a distinct identity and purpose outside of motherhood that reflects an enlightened paradigm for what makes a "good mom."

Knowing Me Ag (1).png

Put the 
back in 

We can grieve the woman we were before mom. We can miss her and want her back. Although things have changed and you are now mom, you can redefine who you want to be going forward. 

IDK what to say. Maybe something about depression. 

You need more. 

but don't know of what or how it's possible.

Mom's Guided Journal

Helping You Bare the Woman Buried Under Change, Chores, and Children

Has your life changed more than you thought it would since having a baby?

Do you want to feel more like yourself again?

Are you struggling with conflicting feelings in your motherhood experience? 

Are you ready to process the changes and start moving in the direction you want your life to go? 

Do you need guidance in asking the right questions?

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