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We're devoted to moms

silently struggling with their sense
  of identity outside of motherhood. 

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Mom's Guided Journal

Has your life changed more than you thought it would since having a baby?

Do you want to feel more like yourself again?

Are you struggling with conflicting feelings in your motherhood experience? 

Are you ready to process the changes and start moving in the direction you want your life to go? 

Do you need guidance in asking the right questions?

Course Offers

Over 50 questions and exercises 

explore the changes you experienced during your transition to motherhood

Pointed prompts and direction

to identify your core values - the emotional needs you must fill to feel your best self

Best goal creation technique

putting your "discoveries" together to create a goal that allows your unmet needs to be filled

Attainable Schedule

create a feasible plan to achieve your goals on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly schedule.

Online Course

Knowing ME Again

Do you secretly wish someone could reach into your life and pull you out?

Do you find yourself caught between  your pre and postpartum identities?

Do you want to reprogram your mind and your life to reflect the woman you are apart from mom?

Do you feel conflicted with loving your child/ren and missing yourself? 

Do  you want more for yourself  but don't know what more looks like or how to get it? 

Deep dive course that educates and interacts to solve the problem with a long-term solution

Course Offers

Exploring the underlying dynamics of your transition

content includes when transition happens, perception of change, and how value, loss, and grief intersect to explain your feelings

Information on situational depression in motherhood

a look at Maternal Intrapersonal Anxiety and related issues around self-talk, conflicting feelings, boundaries, and symptoms of grief

Debunking the concept of shifting identities

a look at the roles we play and their significance in how we perceive our identity

Revisiting the personal storyline you lost

looking at your pre-motherhood storyline and creating a new storyline for you

Identify and connect the missing pieces of yourself

a step by step process to help you pinpoint a defining and essential piece of yourself that may be neglected, overlooked, or forgotten

Connect with your core values

a deep dive into 120 core values to identify what resonates as things missing from your life that are essential for your wellbeing

Online Course

Fun, interactive course that functions well as a starter course.

Did you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wonder who that was staring back at you?

It's a sad feeling and why I probably cried alone at night when everyone was sleeping or why I escaped in late night TV so I could avoid thinking about why I was unhappy in a role that brought me so much joy. I was confused. I was struggling. I was sad. I was in a Catch 22. I loved my children, I loved being a mom, AND I missed being Anne. As a mental health professional, I vowed to help other moms understand, avoid, or resolve the "I love you, but miss me" conflict. I look forward to sharing with you what I've learned over the years, the strategies I use to help moms define and nurture their identity outside of motherhood, and the shifts in perspective that make all the difference. 


- Anne Smollon
Co-Founder of What You Never Expect

You're not alone.




moms suffer from



but what about the moms that suffer from depression that isn't PPD?

Depression in motherhood is most common when the child is         , which means moms continue to struggle long after the postpartum period.


This is a silent epidemic.

But we're here to talk & do something about it.

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Mom's Guided Journal

Knowing ME Again

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Moms' mental health

How to be your own self

When it's not PPD

Is your self-talk sabotaging you?

Take the quiz.

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