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What's Your Experience Of Change?
Changes in physique (e.g., body size/shape, breast size, hair, complexion, stretch marks, etc.)
Changes in physical health (e.g., headaches, back pain, auto-immune diseases, fatigue, rashes, heart palpitations, and other symptoms affecting your health)
Changes in appearance (e.g., clothing you're wearing, hair and hygiene issues, looking tired, looking sloppy, etc.)
Changes in mood (e.g., more emotional, mood swings, more irritable than usual, less patient, less happy than usual, etc.)
Changes in friendships (e.g., amount of time you spend with friends, things you talk about among friends, not seeing "old" friends, etc.)
Changes in spousal/primary relationship (e.g., degree of intimacy, time spent together, level of desire, degree of physical contact like holding hands, kissing, love making, etc.)
Changes in spousal/primary relationship in general (e.g., arguing more, lack of quality time, lack of emotional availability, tone of communication, lack of thoughtful gestures, etc.)
Changes in financial status (e.g., lack of financial independence, making less money, etc.)
Changes in career (e.g., left the traditional workforce, working less hours, working from home, rusty skill set from not being at work, etc.)
Changes in lifestyle (e.g., daily routines, schedule, activities, obligations, etc.)
Changes in personal goals (e.g., putting off hobbies, not finishing personal projects, not pursuing pre-child goal, such as finishing school, pursuing a career, learning a skill, etc.)
Changes in your personal living space/home (e.g., more toys, less you or greater degree of noise, activity, clutter, etc.)
Changes in self-image (e.g., do you see yourself as less desirable or interesting; how you think of yourself)
Changes in cognitive skills/brain power (e.g., difficulty concentrating, keeping a thought, or remembering things; using "baby" language when with adults, etc.)
Changes in emotional well being (e.g., feeling isolated or trapped, feeling depressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, feeling alone in your experience, etc.)
Changes in your internal dialogue (e.g., negative self-talk, more critical, negative tone/content

Thanks for submitting!

Please provide answers based on what you believe is true of yourself and your life TODAY. Try not to overthink or overanalyze each statement as they are written. This assessment is strictly for your use in gathering a baseline of "where you are" right now in your life, and what area(s) of your life you would like to improve with our support.

We understand that this assessment is merely a snapshot in time.

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