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The Support She Needs

You Buy Her Time

You buy mom a "block of time." Our blocks consist of either 2, 3 or 6 hours of time. Mom can use her time in any increments she chooses. For instance, if one day she wants to talk longer, she can. The next time she schedules a coaching call, she may choose less time than her last call.

Follow Up

Our goal is to make each mom feel like she's been heard and has the strategies she needs to make her motherhood journey personally fulfilling and sustainable vs. all consuming and draining. To that end, we check in and get feedback from mom. 

We Reach Out

Mom will receive an email from us that includes a bio of who we are, what we do and don't do, and a calendar so she can schedule her first call when she's in need and wants to connect with her coach and confidante; all calls are confidential unless we believe someone is in danger.

If not...

If moms is unclear and/or remains in a state of distress, we will encourage her to schedule another call and continue to provide feedback, suggestions, and information to help her process her feelings so that she is always moving toward the goal she established in our first call. 

We Talk

When our coaching sessions take place, we allow every mom the freedom to fully express herself without being judged. No guilt. No shame, No fear. No judgement. Just truth, and feedback by a trained and licensed coach who has worked with moms for over 20 years.

If so...

If mom continues to receive the support and guidance from her coach, she will eventually feel like herself again, move beyond the various symptoms she's been experiencing, such as irritability, and develop the coping strategies she will need throughout her whole motherhood journey.  

How it works.
Give the mom in your life the gift she would never think to buy herself....the gift of time.  
Ready to support your mom?

Be proactive in getting her the help and support she's not asking for... but may need. 


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