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In Mom's Corner

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In Mom's Corner sprung from the desire of others to help a mom they know, impact this silent epidemic, and break the barriers to effective outcomes for moms experiencing Maternal Intrapersonal Anxiety and situational depression in the context of motherhood. Through education, course materials focused on their identity apart from "mom," one-on-one coaching, weekly touch-base calls, and community support, moms are better able to enjoy life, care for their children, redefine what it means to be a "good mom," and thrive despite the ongoing demands on them.


Why be in mom's corner?

They may be suffering with
Maternal Intrapersonal Anxiety

MIA is the unrecognized and unacknowledged grief that manifests when moms perceive change as loss around their appearance, personality, sexuality, financial status, lifestyle, relationships, self-esteem, and self-image.


These perceptions impact a mom's sense of self to a degree that the actual integrity of their "self" is threatened. This threat to one's self, this cause for anxiety, is what many mothers know, describe, and feel but rarely if ever recognize or acknowledge as grief; grief in losing their sense of self.


It is a condition that is generally obscured by the happy nature of motherhood, the many needs of young children, the better moments, society's unrealistic expectations of mothers, and the fear of rejection and sense of shame that surrounds a woman's conflicting feelings and symptoms.

Effects of NOT getting support

Impaired Ability

impaired ability to effectively and adequately care for children and provide opportunities for growth & development.

Symptoms of MIA

  • low energy

  • unable to promote full opportunity for child's social, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing

  • unable to experience a fulfilling parenthood/motherhood

  • constant negative self-talk

  • loss of motivation and interest in normal activities

  • resentment and preoccupation with life before children

  • decreased concentration

  • restlessness

  • irritability and mood swings

  • profound sadness and frequent crying

  • withdrawing from loved ones and social isolation

  • irregular sleep patterns and constant fatigue

  • Lack of interest in one’s self or children; strain in relationships and diminished interest in sex

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The Present Paradigm: A Good Mom

  • sacrifices her needs for her children

  • spends all her time nurturing family

  • prepares meals and snacks all day long

  • schedules all events and appointments

  • makes sure her kids always look good

  • chooses "mom jeans" over sexy jeans

  • "groomed" and encouraged to be selfless

  • she neglects her "self" and feels lost

  • she doesn't have time for herself

  • she puts meals before mental health

  • she is responsible for most tasks

  • she constantly feels judged

  • she is lost around her sexuality

  • she continues to put herself last



The Paradigm Shift: A Good Mom

  • loves her children and herself

  • understands she can't pour from an empty cup

  • sets healthy boundaries around her needs/wants/preferences

  • nurtures all her relationships- family, friends, and self

  • asks for help when she needs it

  • creates a fair distribution of tasks with partner

  • pursues a goal that supports her identity apart from mom


We want you to stand with us as we start a movement to help moms understand MIA, break away from situational depression and move toward a more fulfilling, happier life because truth is....when mom's happy, everyone wins.


You need to be In Mom's Corner.

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