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Community is key. And we have options.  From The Wyners bimonthly newsletter to our social venues, we are here for you and would love for you to join us!

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What to expect...

Here, we bring together moms! All moms regardless of where they are in their journey, to share their ups and downs and get the support and camaraderie they seek. 



What to expect...

What doesn't Pinterest have?? We pin tips, reminders, suggestions, food pairings, and content that moms will find helpful and perhaps most importantly, funny!



What to expect...

We publish posts, reels, and stories mostly on topics central to WYNE, such as MIA, transitions, change, and the most effective ways to safeguard moms' sense of self.  


Facebook Group

We are a community of moms who have candid conversations on topics directly related to mom's experience of how motherhood changed her relationships, life, and sense of identity.

Hosted by Anne (Mom, MSW, NLP Certified Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coach, Author) and Laura (Daughter, Graphic Designer, Developer, and Mindset Coach). 

We help moms bridge shifting identities and maintain a strong sense of self. Here, we focus on:

◆ Transition

◆ Relationships

◆ Confessions

◆ Change

◆ Maternal Intrapersonal Anxiety

◆ Transformation

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Please Share, Mom!

Thank you for connecting with us. Our community thrives off women like you sharing your experiences and inviting your friends. Our goal is to build this community so that no mom ever feels alone, especially during the tough moments when she could use lots of support and encouragement from other moms who truly "get her." 

Oftentimes, moms don't publicly share their "bad" feelings, so please invite all your mom friends. 

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